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Freight Management, Road Show Logistics and Transportation Solutions

We are a technology IT based logistic portal for LTL and FTL shipping.

Road Show and special event logistic specialist.  Events delivered On time, every time.

Access our exclusive “EVENTrack” solution system which provides total supply chain integration and visibility  for merchandisers, vendors, warehouses, retailers.

Blackout event returns via pool distribution regional consoldiation service

Fixed Cost pallet rates for CA, NY, NJ, CT

  Daily partial truckload delivery service to ALL Costco Depots, Sam's, Walmart USA distribution centers

EAST to WEST multiple event consolidation shipping

Special event area consolidations NY, NJ, Chicago, LA, Detroit, N C, Dallas, Houston, Denver

Accepting Spring 2019 Project Freight RFQ's

LA fixed pallet rates as low as $69.00

Five ways to save money on your next freight transaction:
Super Saver LTL Rates  |  Full Service LTL Standard Rates
Truckload Consolidation | Full Truckload Rates